What's in Season, Connecticut ?

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As a study abroad student, I've made a few meals for myself in Italy. Shopping for produce in Europe is more frustrating (and I also came to see it as more exciting) than wandering through an American grocery store. Italians only provide their friends and family with local, seasonal produce. This meant that, unlike in America, the market does not sell cucumbers year around. I came to understand that I had to wait to top my salad with summer produce until it grew at the farm down the street.



The concept of seasonal foods hung in the back of my mind for a year after my transition back to the United States.

I asked myself, "Where did the produce I am holding in the supermarket come from?" "It certainly is not summer, so why is there watermelon here?" and often remarked, "This does not taste as good as it does when it is in-season". Perhaps Italy had changed me into a produce connoisseur, but similar questions and notes whirled around my mind for months and invited me to take initiative.

This is a pocket guide for Connecticut, and I hope to make one for every state.

Recipes have much more diversity and flavor year-around when you stick to the seasons. Most towns do not have access to local markets, or the markets have hours that don't fit a working person's schedule. With this state-specific guide on hand, you can rest assured that your food is in-season. Perhaps your supermarket may even source it from a local farm. 

What's in Season Mockup.jpg

Illustrated by: Janet Lynn Galvin

Medium: Watercolor and Ink

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, and InDesign

Written and Self-Published by: Janet Lynn Galvin​